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Sunserra Condos at Crescent Bar joins with Sunspots

(News Item #0022, Published: 05/10/07, Author: William Victor May, NA)

Sunspot Resorts has been selected by Select Vacation Rentals at Crescent bar to assist with marketing, sales and reservations for the 200 new luxury townhomes at Sunserra Resort. See (

Crescent Bar has been a literal hot spot for Washington State vacations for over 20 years. There is a golf course, camp grounds, homes and rental condos all on a magnificent stretch of river bend of the Columbia river and tucked below towering basalt cliffs. And now the Crescent Bar Resort area is expanding rapidly. (

Select Rentals has operated the Crescent Bar Condo complex for years and was recently appointed to oversee rental management of the new Sunserra Resort right next door. ( "Dennis and Iris Middlestet have always run a well respected and professional organization for those 100 homes," observed William May, President of Sunspots.

"As the resort has grown we wanted to increase the marketing and visibility of the Crescent bar Area, " said Dennis Middlestet. "We've known Sunspots for years and found them the perfect partner to grow with."

Sunserra homes are now appearing on the Sunspots website ( which has a state-of-the-art display and on-line booking system.

Signatours Image Team, owned by Sunspots, has re-shot all units at Sunserra. "I see a lot of recreational resort complexes, but Sunserra is just superbly designed and built," said Jonathan McIntyre head of Signatours.

Plus Sunspots is spreading the marketing net for Crescent bar wider than ever before by adding a great many lodging websites to the advertising and by extensive use of Pay-Per-Click advertising. "We don't want anyone in the Northwest to miss learning of this world-class destination right in their backyards," added McIntyre.